Dr. Houssam Abou Hamdan
Dr. Houssam Abou Hamdan
Dr. Houssam Abou Hamdan is a certified oral surgeon and a certified periodontist.  As one of the leading lebanese periodontists, he has made significant achievements beyond the educational requirements of the specialty.  Dr. Abou Hamdan maintains his private practice in Chtaura.

After completing dental school, Dr. Houssam Abou Hamdan continued his training at Montpellier - France, for a 3 years post-graduate training in oral surgery.  After that he went for an additional 3 years post-graduate training program in periodontics and got a master's degree from Universite Paris VII.  During his training, he mastered the art and science of periodontics and implantology from some of the best periodontists in the country.

Dr. Abou Hamdan enjoys attending study groups and professional conferences and continuing education courses to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques.

Dr. Houssam Abou Hamdan practices with the philosophy of a conservative, minimally invasive and gentle approach in treating his patients.  He also believes in educating patients about their dental needs and good oral hygiene, as maintenance of their teeth and implants are vital for a successful long term periodontal and implant treatment.  Dr. Abou Hamdan’s calm and smooth chair-side manner is known to relax his dental implants patients and make them feel at ease when it is time to receive dental therapy.

Diplomas : 

1996 - University of Montpellier I 
Diploma in Oral Surgery  
Certificate of High Studies in Oral Biology - Histology and Embryology. 

1997    University of Nantes – Faculty of Dentistry
Certificate of High Studies in Periodontology 
1998    University  Paris VI
Certificate of Biological and Medical Sciences in Head and Neck Anatomy        
Certificate of High Studies in Oral Surgery

 1998    University  Paris V
Attended the courses of the Certificate of High Studies in Prosthodontics  

1999    University Paris VII
Certificate of Biologic and Medical Sciences in Epidemiology and Public Health 
Attended the degree of Master’s in Biologic and Medical Sciences

1999    University Paris V
Defended the thesis in Diploma of Occlusion

1999    University Paris VI
University Diploma of Periodontology
University Diploma of Emergency in Bucco-Dental Pathology 

1999    University Paris XII
University Diploma of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Implantology

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